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This is a full birthchart AND tarot reading that will tell you EVERTHING you need to know about yourself and your journey on this earth. The birthcart report breakdown each segment of your chart to disscet the very thing that makes you who you are. The tarot reading will be a full exploration into what direction you are going in and how you will achieve your life's purpose.


Feel free to ask any extra questions for your tarot reading if you need some specific answers!


This Will Include:


- A Full birthchart report (incl. planets, houses, aspects and asteroids)


- Full 21 card tarot spread all about what your future hold for you


(Will include reports from cafeastrology and

(If you don't know your birth time, the reading will be the same, just without th breakdown of the planets that rule each house)


  • If you are disatifyied with your reading, please let me know and you will be apropiately compensated.

  • This reading will be sent to your email inbox within 4 days 

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