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I have always wanted to receive an in depth reading, and Joy’s presence and energy really spoke to me. I could not be more impressed and happy with my reading. It resonated deeply with me and it is very obvious the amount of effort and details Joy put into it. Not only was it generously informative, it was truly inspiring and motivating to me. I would recommend her services to anyone who is looking for some clarity and inspiration in life! She also does live free readings on her TikTok. Thank you so much Joy you are incredible.

Maribel. H

I recently had a shadow work reading and it was so refreshing to get insight into my journey of finding my purpose. My reading was well articulated and organized. I will scheduling future bookings

Lisa. C

Spookily accurate!! I am so pleased with my reading. It came through within the timeframe and I was surprised how in-depth and accurate it was. So much had come to pass already and I'm looking forward to the future. I will definitely be back for more readings and highly recommend to anyone considering getting their cards read -You won't be disappointed. Thank you Pillar of Light xx

Samantha. D

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